Le programme du symposium de Bologne

lundi 14 septembre 2009
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October 9-10,2009

• Alimi David = The contribution of
Auriculotherapy to the treatment of xerostomia

• Allais Gianni = Appropriate selection of ear
acupoints vs. inappropriate selection in the
treatment of migraine attacks

• Amoruso Loredana = New therapeutic
perspectives treating shoulder tendinitis :
Auriculotherapy combined with shock waves
• Amoruso Maria Teresa = Auricular Acupuncture
in the treatment of multiple sclerosis

• Avanzi Maurizio = Observational study on
auricular acupuncture in the treatment of
tabagism : Acudetox protocol associated to
motivational-behavioural groups

• Barbagli Paolo = Neuropathic pain treated with
infiltration of local anaesthetic (Auricular
Neuraltherapy) : a case report

• Bassani Luciano = Chronic low back pain : an
integrated diagnostic and therapeutic approach

• Bazzoni Giancarlo = Auricular acupuncture and
integrated therapy of obesity

• Berteramo Luigi = New areas of representation of
the eye in maculopathy

• Borrelli Michela = Study about the
representation of healthy tooth on the ear lobe

• Bortolotti Luisa = Auricular Chromopuncture in
the impingement syndrome of the shoulder

• Bottazzi Antonio = Lumbar and sciatic pain :
therapy with Ear Acupuncture

• Da Campo Pierluigi = Auricular representation
and lateralization of the hip point in patients with
primary coxarthrosis undergoing hip replacement

• Cinganelli Raoul = Are the nevi of the outer ear a
sign of postural disorders ?

• De Marchi Cornelia = Auriculotherapy in the
treatment of tabagism : a retrospective study

• Di Nuccio Carlo = Study on the distribution of
auricular points in 15 patients undergoing
surgery of the nose

• Facendola Giuseppina = Auricular diagnosis in
essential hypertension

• Ferrari Carla = Tre treatment of insomnia in the
unweaned with auricular stimulation

• Gagliardi Giuseppe = The Effect of Auricular
Acupuncture on the microcirculatory flow : an
exploratory cross over trial.

• Iasella Piera Alba = RCT on 120 patients with
gonarthrosis : Auriculotherapy vs. shock waves vs.
O2-O3 therapy vs. infiltration with hyaluronic acid

• LeBel Marc Richmond = Monitoring the
diagnosis of auricular points : contrasting the
performance of the VAS and the electrical

• Lentz André = The types of blockages in
Auricular Medicine

• Liboni William = FMRI in ear acupuncture :
comparison between the thumb and the
brainstem representation

• Lovato Antonello = The Needle Contact Test
(NCT) for reducing pain and improving range of
motion in painful shoulder

• Manetti Miriam = Skin alterations on inspection
of the outer ear in cancer patients

• Marcelli Stefano = Review on Needle Contact
Test : history and state of art

• Marignan Michel = The needle stimulation of ear
points influences the symmetry of the orthostatic
muscle tone according to the stimulated side

• Mazzoni Riccardo = Fibromyalgic syndrome and

• Mastalier Oskar (Germany) = Newly discovered
auricular reflex point Centrum ciliospinale in
Auriculomedicine addiction treatment : clinical

• McDonough Suzanne (Northern Ireland) =
Exercise and auricular acupuncture for
people with chronic low back pain : a
feasibility study

• Meconcelli Gianna = Relaxing effect of
auricular stimulation in children on the
dentist chair

• Memain Jean Luis (France) = Auriculosophy

• Mossink Janpaul (Holland) =
PERLA-treatment : using the VAS in treating
allergies with acupuncture

• Nogier Raphael (France) = The frequency L
in Auricular Medicine

• Park Jongbae (USA) = Sham Acupuncture
Needle : Use, Caution, and Interpretation

• Poletto Denis = Auriculotherapy in a case of
acute mandibular trismus after surgical
resection of the submandibular gland and

• Posabella Giovanni = Observational study
on the O2 consumption in high-level
athletes practising Mountain Bike after
stimulation of the fatigue points on the ear

• Quaia Piero = 6 cases with painful shoulder
and functional limitation treated with

• Riehl Gerhard (Germany) = Therapy of
Neuralgia and Neuropathy in

• Ricci Luigi = Acupuncture anaesthesia at the
United Hospitals of Ancona : report of the
activity 1996-2009

• Roffi Lorena = Auricular magnets for chronic
constipation in elder patients of Home

• Romano Anna = Acudetox protocol in the
Smoking Center of Settimo Torinese : report of
the results 2004-2009

• Romoli Marco = The validation of Auricular
Diagnosis (inspection, Pain-Pressure test,
electrical detection) in 506 patients

• Rouxeville Yves (France) = Auriculotherapy at
the Nantes University Hospital Center

• Sator-Katzenschlager Sabine (Austria) =
Auricular electroacupuncture reduces
postoperative pain after knee TEP surgeries : a
pilot study

• Scoppa Fabio = Recommended use and
limitations of Auriculotherapy in the treatment
of postural disorders : clinical update

• Speronello Maria Rosa = Chinese auricular
acupuncture in a case of peripheric endarteritis

• Sponzilli Osvaldo = Strengthening motoric
and psychological abilities in archery
throughout the application of various
techniques of Auriculotherapy : a pilot study

• Terral Claudie (France) = Acupunctural
therapeutic strategy to favour fertility and
induce pregnancy

• Vettori Francesco = A case of chronic allergic
conjunctivitis resistant to conventional therapy
successfully treated with acupuncture.

• Vulliez Chantal (France) = Fibromyalgia and

• Werth Ulrich (Germany) = The influence of
auricular micro implants on Parkinson´s

• Zagli Giovanni = The diagonal ear lobe crease
(Frank’s sign) : a review of literature