Auriculomedicine Updated and Simplified 2nd edition

dimanche 19 avril 2020
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The new book of Docteur André Lentz

Auriculomedicine Updated and Simplified

2nd edition enriched with new findings

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A book that sheds new light on auriculomedicine, simplifying it and making it accessible to as many people as possible.

A complete and coherent examination method for doctors of auriculomedicine.

An aid to homeopathic prescription that is no longer dependent on the patient’s subjectivity.

"There is no doubt that we have here at our disposal a well executed, concentrated manual, functional and pragmatic, faithful to the spirit of its author : never dogmatic, always prudent and conscientiously vetted with the scepticism he is renowned for. It guarantees to protect us from being ensnared by illusions or hasty generalisations. All that counts is factual information." Daniel Courty
"André Lentz always shares honest, meticulous and systematic work. The language used is straightforward, never esoteric but preserves the same characteristics as those adhered to by Paul Nogier." Mauricio Vargas


What has changed :
Regulating the transfers by using three regulators has been replaced by using a single one : first the RT 19, then the RT 20, which is currently the recommended regulator.
The pulse test, composed of crossed, linear Polaroids, is replaced by a more efficient test constructed out of circular Polaroids and diffracting filters.
The concept of the diathetic blockage which is now called the complex oscillation blockage.
What is unchanged :
The blockage type tests have not changed, but Polaroid equivalents are being studied.
The technique of looking for the primary points.
The techniques for studying the points.
The technique for validating homeopathic remedies.
What is presently undergoing research or validation :
— The physical nature of our measurements means we can replace most of the tests with linear or circular Polaroid equivalents.
This is notably the case :
For tissue tests
For tests for the types of blockages
— The study of variants of the pulse test by using a diffracting filter which reacts on one or both of its sides.
— The differentiation between the complex oscillation blockage and the true diathetic blockage.
— The value of seasonal filters for examining a patient.
— How long homeopathic remedies remain active, based on their effects on our tests.
— Prescribing a single remedy.

All this research will be made available to researchers on the website.

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