mardi 18 juillet 2023
par  Andre
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The new technique is the culmination of 45 years of research.

It is easy to apply in consultation and allows to detect the primary points at the origin of the pathologies.

This is the reason why we have decided to devote the site only to this technique which will allow auriculomedicine to start again on new, simpler and more reliable bases.

Simply re-establishing the transfers helps find the key points, so they can be analyzed for diagnostic purposes before they are treated.

The new 4Dr and 4Gr tests designed on the basis of circular Polaroids are difficult to manufacture and this is why to avoid errors and for the sake of quality, we have entrusted their manufacture to SEDATELEC. : +33 (0) 472 663 324

They are therefore available at Acushop
I do not repeat here, for the moment, the techniques of taking the RAC-VAS. They are described in the book Auriculomedicine renovated and simplified as well as the transfer techniques, but it is best to learn them with a colleague or in a seminar. The double blockage test facilitates this pulse taking.

The whole technique is described in video and of course, I am at your disposal for any further information.